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Fast Tips to Become Conversational in Brazilian Portuguese

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 8, 2015 11:38:02 PM / by Christopher Veasey

Christopher Veasey


Follow these fast tips to become conversational in Brazilian Portuguese and you will find yourself chatting away with the cariocas in Rio de Janeiro in no time! Learning a new language can be difficult, time-consuming, and frankly frustrating. Focusing on becoming conversational one step at a time can simplify it and get you speaking! 


Tip 1: Find native speakers to talk to

Brazilian are all over the world! Many cities have cultural groups or language exhcange groups where speakers can come together to talk in that target language. See if your city has a Portuguese speakers meet up in the near future and join in!

One thing you find when living in another country is that young people (who have had even the tiniest amount of English classes) will immediately see you as a lingusitic punching bag for them. Try tricks like responding to their English in Portuguese in order to stear the conversation back into the target langugage. If not, older generations who don't know much English are prime targets to speak with. Try finding some community members in places like gyms, churches or cafés that you can talk to!

Tip 2: Watch shows and movies 

One of the best ways to learn a language is by wathcing TV shows or movies from countries where that language is spoken. It's exciting for you because it's entertaining but it's also a fantastic way to pick up slang expressions! Not buying into the whole Brazlian telenovela scene? Lots of American shows and movies on sites like Netflix have an option to switch the language.  Lion King in Portuguese is a blast!

Tip 3: Listen to music or podcasts

Download some Brazilian music onto your phone and listen to it during your morning commute or as you walk down the street! Not that into Seu Jorge, Michel Teló or bossa nova? Many podcasts are out there so download one and listen to Brazilians speak about your favorite topic of interest! For those who share a common interest in entrepreneurship, a personal favorite is "De Cabeça." 

For even more of a scoop on music, please check out this blog post on 12 songs to know before you go to Brazil!


So just follow these fast tips to become conversational in brazilian portuguese and you will be ready to bater papo before you even know it!


Fast tips to become conversational in Brazilian Portuguese


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Christopher Veasey

Written by Christopher Veasey

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